The Art of Being

  • 11:00 AM

Talks with Tiger Singleton

Two full days of powerful insights and guidance on “The art of being” to point you in the direction of your most sincere space of being; the space already connected to the truth and your heart’s deepest resonance.  The opportunity to investigate a deeper sincerety and authentic connection with yourself and others, so you can allow yourself more freely to truly be yourself in today’s world.

Rest in a space that truly allows you to relax, ask questions, or just listen with an open heart. You are welcome to be YOU.


Tiger Singleton holds space for a profound exploration into the nature of self and points you to the discovery of your inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life. A few words of caution about entering this space of exploration: Tiger is known to be compassionately disruptive and unapologetically direct.  This is the space to sincerely investigate the truth of what you are and all the ways you deny yourself with imagined self-imposed limitations; revealing that what you crave most in this life is what you already are. Come and rest in the truth of what you are. You will see… it’s a MIRACLE.



19 May 
11.00 to 13.00 | True devotion to self discovery

After we have exhausted ourselves through chasing future outcomes and stories of self importance, we begin to recognize a more sincere longing.  It becomes painfully obvious, that the only thing we really want to know and connect with, is the truth of what we are.  This exploration is an opportunity to clarify how we can position ourselves to truly and rapidly discover the only thing that actually matters in this life.

14.30 to 17.30 |  The gift & curse of enlightenment

Enlightenment, is to see things as they are, rather than what we imagine them to be.  The Gift, is to not be bound by the mind’s interpretations, judgments and overall chaos.  The Curse, is what you find when you see the self as it really is; which is to see there is no separate self at all.


20 May  
10.30 to 12.30 | The Art of Being Free in Today’s World  

To truly be free in today’s world, we must first recognize Life’s inherent freedom to simply be what it is.  As you see this, the nature of freedom in all of life, you can allow yourself to fall into your inherent freedom to naturally and effortlessly be You.  The major obstacle, is not resistance from the world, it is our own resistance and fear to truly allow ourselves to be free.

14.00 to 17.00 | The Art of Self Expression & Service

There is a natural effortlessness in self-expression and service, when we are centered, content, and living in alignment with our deepest sincerity.  This is not to be forced, it’s an art that develops in accordances with your willingness to acknowledge when it is denied within yourself.  Self Expression, is only hindered by a self judgment; which ultimately suffocates the opportunity to offer yourself in Service.

2 days €100 | 1 day  €60


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A workshop with Tiger gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the discovery and healing of what you are, and actually set the stage to start embodying your heart’s deepest resonance. Opening you, to a new depth of joy and play. Be inspired. Come play!